• 1 decade •

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Conner is now in the double digits.
Today he is 10!
I could say all that stuff about how I can’t believe it; and where did the time go; and it seems like yesterday that he was born; etc.
And while that is all true, I would rather say how I love having a 10 year old.
He is an outstanding individual!
When I think back on Conner and our life together, one word comes to my mind:  TRUST!

I had to learn to trust from the moment I knew I wanted to become a mom.  It took a lot of trust and faith to become pregnant with Conner and I’ve been using that pattern ever since.  I have learned how to be a mom because of Conner.  And there’s no one I would rather have as my firstborn.  He is easy to trust because he is responsible and wants to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.  He and I have learned to trust each other as well.  It would be foolish to say I hadn’t grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years.  I used to think that I needed to be raising Conner how I saw others raising their children, but Conner is a unique sort of kid and he just needs me to be his advocate and to trust myself in knowing what is best and right for him.

I’m so grateful for the relationship we have and I hope that continues throughout our lives.  I plan on continuing to trust my mom-instinct and Conner as we go through his next decade (should be an exciting one too)! I can’t wait to watch Conner grow and see his traits develop more deeply.  He is one of my greatest treasures!


2 thoughts on “• 1 decade •

  1. What a sweet tribute to Conner. I love how your parenting advice to Brian and Amy was amplified in this post. Happy Birthday, Conner!

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