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Conner’s birthday is tomorrow, but he got to celebrate it early since Dave is out of the country.  Audra was SO excited about it and kept saying that she was going to yell SURPRISE!  (she never did – btw).

Friday was early out and Dave took the day off, which means we could celebrate all day together.  Logan and I put together a scavenger hunt for Conner to find his presents.  We took video of the whole thing . . . . the whole hunt and him opening all of his presents and then Audra, acting in her lovely 3 year old self, deleted it!  Still working on attempting to recover it, but as of now it’s gone!  And since I was videoing and Audra was throwing a tantrum about not being able to open presents herself, no one took pictures!  Sometimes being a parent requires too much thinking :-)!

Conner let me surprise him with presents I thought he would like, and according to him, I didn’t disappoint.  He is getting to a challenging age when it comes to presents, but we knew a tablet would be a home run and it was!!  Logan, Audra and Eli picked out his favorite Wii game, Dave gave him his very own pilot log book and there was a slingshot and a brain-teaser game mixed in there.  He was very happy!

After the gift opening, we headed up to Park City to see a Lego exhibit.  It was incredible!!  The kids loved it!  But it didn’t take as long as we thought, so we were able to enjoy a leisurely stroll up and down Main Street Park City!  It was a beautiful afternoon together as a family!  We ended the night out to dinner.  All in all, Conner really enjoyed his early celebration!

lego bday


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