• keep on flying •

We are just about one month from Dave and mine 15 year anniversary.  15 years!  That’s nuts.

Here’s the thing (as Dave says) – I love Dave more now than ever.  It’s awesome!  He is awesome!  To use his favorite terminology – he is the wind/engine that carries our airplane.  He keep us afloat……he works hard for our family, he drives quite a distance to do said work, he puts me and kids first and foremost, he plays every night with the kiddos, he helps around the house, he supports me in all my ideas and wackiness, and he teaches the kids what is important and right!
We have the opportunity to plan Youth Conference for our ward this year.  This has been an interesting thing for our relationship, but I think it has been good as we get to see each other strengths and apply those to pull it all off.  For years it’s been Dave doing his job and me staying home.  We are always on the same page and support each other, but we haven’t really had something that we’ve been working on TOGETHER for years.  Of course it hasn’t been without its challenges and we will both be breathing a lot easier on July 1 when all is said and done, but in the meantime it’s a chance for us to step back from the life we’ve grown accustomed to serve together as one. (I didn’t even mean to rhyme) 🙂


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