• bunny time •

IMG_1085-1Much to Audra’s disappointment, Easter Bunny Time is over (as she calls it).  She loved all the Easter decorations, especially chicky the chick.  Our little stuff chicken who lived in a cage for decor.  We definitely had an Easter-filled weekend.

egg hunt The Easter Bunny made his stop on Saturday and after much hunting, everyone found their baskets.  This just before we headed out the door to the annual Farmington City Easter Egg Hunt.  Every year the attendance goes up, as does the organization – thank goodness.  Audra’s age group was definitely the most successful!  We also experienced what to is become a common event in our family – sending Conner off on his own while we stay with/supervise the little ones.  He had to run the Easter Egg Hunt by himself so Dave and I could go with Logan and Audra.  Right after the hunt was swimming lessons where once again, Conner headed off to class alone while we stayed with Logan and Audra.  Good thing he is such an incredible oldest brother!

easter 13Sunday was spent at Church and then with family where we held the cousin Easter Egg Hunt and the traditional Egg Olympics.  Grandpa T was the big egg spinner winner (that rhymes)!

It was a beautiful weekend and the start to Spring Break . . . .


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