• princess •

People told me that raising a girl would be different than boys.  I wasn’t sure that would be the case.  Obviously I knew there would be differences, but I didn’t think it would be anything that remarkable.  Well . . . . it is!  Our little 3 year old is quite the princess!  She is also very loving.  She loves to touch, stroke, hug and kiss.  She is very thoughtful (Mommy, I was so worried about your owie.  Daddy, I will miss you so much while you’re at work).  And she definitely loves all things girl and princess.  Her favorite princess is Cinderella, followed by Beauty & The Beast.  She is very good at pretending; as she loves to dress up and cook in her kitchen.  We love having her around (most of the time, she is 3 after all)!

A day in the life of Audra • being “nakey” ready to play ball • waking up from her nap, which she enjoys taking – thank goodness • enjoying her birds nest we made together – she’s my little kitchen helper.



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