rolie polie olie


I love this picture!  It shows Logan messing around with Eli, which is a favorite pastime in our house.  Logan loves his little brother, maybe more than Eli loves him sometimes.  Logan always wants to hold him, roll around with him and be silly with him!  I’m grateful for their relationship.

Eli is such a delight in our family.  He is a jolly fellow 🙂 who is almost 10 months.  He is quite the roller, which is very unlike his siblings.  None of them crawled til 12 months so we’re not even anticipating that for a while, but none of them really rolled either.  Eli is so busy, as he goes on his  rolling explorations.  He is a man of action, he needs to be on the move or busy at all times!  He loves to spazz out by flinging his arms and legs when he gets super excited.  And even though he started out small, I was surprised to learn he only weighs 18 lbs, he seems to be chunking up a bit.  We have the pleasure 🙂 of feeding him baby food twice a day.  Although that is not my most favorite activity, he’s pretty good at eating mum-mums, veggie straws and small pieces of fruit and veggies by himself.  He also continues to take two naps, which is such a help in my day! I think I’m starting to get this “four kids” business down!


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