adding to the map

When we planned our little getaway to Southern Utah for President’s Day we didn’t realize that along with loving being outside, celebrating Audra’s birthday, and playing with cousins, we would also get to be present for G&G Mac’s mission call.  We were very excited about this . . . but it almost didn’t happen.

They knew the call should be coming that week and they told us if it came on Friday they would wait to open it until we arrived.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come that day so we all really, really hoped it would come on Saturday, otherwise we wouldn’t be there as the mail wouldn’t come again until Tuesday.

Saturday morning found us at Nate & Tasha’s.  The kids were having a ball and plans for the day were being made.  At the appropriate mail delivery time, Duane headed home to check the mailbox . . . nothing in it but one of those generic coupon books.  We were all greatly disappointed!  So Dave, Nate and kids all packed up to head to the lake.  Tasha, Mel and I prepared to head out shopping.  Mel and Duane left to head back to their house where I would be dropping off the napping kids.  As Tasha and I talked, our phones both indicated text messages but we weren’t quick to check them.  Once I did, I saw it was from Mel and it said that the call was there!!!!  Everyone headed over to Mel & Duane’s for the BIG opening.  (turns out that the mailman had not come when Duane originally checked.  The coupon book was put in the mailbox on Friday after the mailman handed Mel all of their addressed mail).

So, we are adding to our “family mission map.”  Thus far we have Romania, Australia, New York, Boston, Peru, Korea, Dominican Republic!   Now we get to include New Zealand!!! Brother and Sister McNamee will be serving a 23 month Records Preservation Family History Mission to Wellington, New Zealand.  They report to the MTC on September 2!

We were SO thrilled that we got to be there.  It was a very happy coincidence! And we are very excited for our Grandma and Grandpa; there couldn’t be a more perfect mission for them.  What great examples they are to us of setting a goal and achieving it!!

mission call


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