welcome to 3

Our little Audgie turned 3 on Monday!
Because we love her so much and hate Winter so much, we decided to head South for her birthday which just happened to fall on President’s Day!
It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!  65 degrees and SUNSHINE!!!  Such a great get-away . . . . more details to come because it was one exciting weekend.

We had a little family party on Sunday night for Audra and the best gift of all had to be the Merida wig (from “Brave”) which G&G Mac so thoughtfully picked out for her.  We just know someday she’ll have more curly hair.  Who knows maybe she’ll end up looking just like this :-)! Then she got to spend a good part of her birthday outside playing with NO coat.  Perhaps her greatest accomplishment of the day was her crying tantrum for almost 45 minutes in the car because she wanted to sit up taller in her carseat (then sit up taller already).  We were all shocked that she kept up the crying for so long, but such is life with a three year old.

We finished celebrating tonight where the boys gave her the gifts they picked out for her.  She has loved looking forward to her birthday and is going to have a hard time understanding that it is now over.

3 is by far my least favorite age.  Terrible twos have got nothing on three, so we are really looking forward to this next year.  Good thing she has the best smile and lovey dovey side to make up for it.


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