Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in years.  Well, before I did the thing I haven’t done in years, I did something that I do every month . . . . my Relief Society Activity :-)!  It was all about chocolate and LOVE and I would say it was quite successful.  Those activities sure do come around quickly.

After arriving home, Dave and I spent several hours in our newly finished closet in the basement – painting.  It seems in the past few years when there’s been a painting project, I’ve been pregnant and therefore banned from that duty.  It was fun to get my DIY groove back on.  Makes me look forward to when the kids aren’t so demanding of my time and I can do more of that.  I’m calling it an early Valentine’s date, as Dave and I were always within 2 feet of each other and just got to talk without interruption.  Why in the world we didn’t just have shelves installed in the closet when we did the basement is beyond me, but it was so great that our amazing contractor/friend could come finish the job for us!

Said closet is for ALL the toys in the house (in my dreams) and I can’t wait for the paint to cure so I can get to organizing – a favorite pastime of mine!
00000492{back in our pre-kids & lots of DIY life.  in Peru}


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