We recently had an incident with Eli.
We were at my parents house for Sunday dinner and were celebrating Kade’s 3rd birthday.
Ali was holding Eli who was playing with a beanie baby.
We were all chatting and watching Kade open presents, when almost out of nowhere Eli started puking.
Ali’s immediate response was to catch it in her hands, which she did.  Of course it didn’t all end up there and we had a bit of a mess.
I was really puzzled because it just wasn’t like him.  He has a super sensitive gag reflex, but he wasn’t eating anything that could have triggered this “fun!”
While Dave and I got to work cleaning up the mess, the real fun began . . . . Ali also has a super sensitive gag reflex and the smell of what just landed in her hands and lap were getting to her.  Luckily, we had several gift bags readily available :-)!  She was able to keep it in, and the rest of us got quite a show.  We even have a video, but I won’t share.

As Dave and I are getting Eli cleaned up and in his pajamas, another round of puking began, this time all over Dave.  Now I was stumped.  I figured he was probably sick, but no one else had been sick, he’d had no other symptoms and I’d never had a baby throw up this young.  We proceeded to clean him up once again.  I was afraid to remove him from the bathroom because I didn’t know what else was planning to come up.  We had him sitting on the bathroom counter as my mom, my aunt and I were discussing his predicament.  A few minutes later he started kind of gagging again.  It was at that point my mom noticed something.  She reached into his mouth and pulled out the paper tag to the beanie baby he had been playing with.

He wasn’t sick, he literally was gagging on this 1″ square tag.  We feel so lucky that he didn’t choke on it.  And since we were out of extra clothes for him, my mom found some of her baby girl clothes.


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