the derby

Ahhh….yes, time for the annual Pinewood Derby!
Why January?  Everyone is busy in December and then we have to scramble to get a fantastic car put together in January.  Nothing like last minute gluing, painting and assembling.  We may have had some weights fall off on the track during the race, but Conner still did relatively well.  His car is the white with red stripe and he consistently came in 2nd or 3rd on each race with an overall placing of 6th!

I love seeing the drawings and ideas Conner comes up with for his car each year.  I especially love seeing Dave and Conner work on it together. It’s a great father/son activity.  The rest of us enjoy being at the actual race!

derbySpeaking of Conner, he’s recently updated his section on this blog – it’s pretty good!


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