she’s here!

Baby Chloe made her arrival very early on Friday morning, February 1, 2013!!
I was so grateful, lucky, and fortunate to be in attendance.  The first time I have been an attendee at a birth, rather than the birther :-)! Dave just had to be out of town, but my dad was around and didn’t mind sleeping here while I was away.
Megan was INCREDIBLE!  That girl should have oodles of kids because she is a champ. I was able to be a birth assistant to her, along with my mom.  We arrived at her house around 11:45 pm on Thursday; left for the hospital around 1:30 am; and Chloe came out in two short pushes at 2:18 am.  It was beautiful!!

And she is the most adorably beautiful baby!  She has tons of dark hair, her features are delicate and perfect and she is so mellow!

She weighed in at 7.7, can’t remember the length.

We are loving having another girl cousin – YAY!!

{I was quickly reminded why we go to college in our twenties.  Since I got maybe 2 hours of sleep Thursday night/Friday morning, I was barely functional all day.  How did I stay up late, get up early and still pass college is a mystery :)}


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