winter 2013

Never been a fan of Winter.  Actually, I see absolutely no reason for it whatsoever.  Growing up in a place that has Winter and all four seasons, I’ve just learned to tolerate it.  I didn’t love it as a child, but now as a parent I darn well despise it.

Of course the kids want to go out and play in the snow, and that means I have to set aside a ridiculous amount of time to bundle everyone up.  Just love trying to get pants to not bunch up inside snow pants and putting up with the tantrum that comes along with it.  Oh and making sure all 5 fingers go in their appropriate slots in the glove is probably my favorite part.  Oh wait, no, my real favorite part is when after all of that a child ends up needing to go potty 10 minutes after the whole dressing charade :-)!  The silver lining is that they have themselves a grand time digging in the snow, sledding, eating snow, etc.

My memories of Winter as a child were of freezing temps and loads of snow.  I thought maybe I had just exaggerated that in my mind because for the last decade or so the winters here have been tolerable . . . warmer temps and not an annoying amount of snow.  Enter 2013!!!  Now this is what I remember from my childhood and I wish I could forget it.  Or be done with it already.  I realize it is only January, but man it’s been a doozy!  I’m done with the mounds of snow everywhere, with the ridiculously cold temps (usually hovering right around the teens), the inversion, the sick kids that come from the inversion and cold temps, the awful plow jobs on the roads  . . . . and as if that list wasn’t long enough, I will now add freezing rain.  Who knew?

Today we woke up to a world covered in ice!  At first glance I thought it was warming up and that was why it was raining and that the layer all over my driveway  and roads was slush.  I could not have been more wrong!  In order to facilitate carpool, I spent nearly an hour throwing down salt, pounding the ice with a shovel and scraping up little pieces of ice.  Our 3 car driveway was already down to 2, because there’s too much snow to clear away and now it is a 1 car driveway.  I only had time to clear off one side.  I was able to get out and back which was a huge relief.  And as if all the inconvenience here wasn’t enough, now Dave is unable to fly home from San Francisco.  The SLC airport is closed, so he’s stuck . . . .

I rest my case!  Winter stinks (oh and is only pretty on the day of a snowfall when the sun is shining and the snow is “sparkly,” as Audra says).


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