my man

Today we celebrate Dave and his birth!  YAY!
I’m so grateful for him and all he is and does for our family.
Since I’m not allowed to use the word “amazing” (he has a thing with that word and awesome, claiming that they mean absolutely nothing, or are used without thought) I will say that I have an outstanding, brilliant, loving and generous husband!

With our birthdays being only 4 days apart, we have done a lot of celebrating in the last few days.  It’s been fun, but I am glad it’s over!  Before the day’s done I must mention a few reasons that make Dave so special to me.

bday collage

He has given me four incredible children.  One who looks and acts almost exactly like him; and one who looks more like me and definitely has more of my personality.


He shoveled us out of the worst winter storm in years.  It was pretty exciting to have school cancelled, but dealing with over two feet of snow has been anything but fun!  The kids were so excited about it they didn’t mind shoveling.

snow collage

He’s helping me raise this darling little princess who is all about make believe!


Just when we thought Dave couldn’t produce another clone of himself, he did it!  Not only does Eli look like Dave, he’s got Dave’s wonderfully calm disposition!


He really is the most fun dad and he makes raising all these munchkins pretty enjoyable!


Most importantly, I know he loves me & I love him!



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