Growing up I was known as a chatterbox.  My parents would often refer to me as a jabberwocky, because I just wouldn’t shut up!  Not only did I have a lot to say, I liked to say it fast.

I probably still have as much to say, but I don’t think my children are as interested in hearing from me :-).  Someday I think they’ll appreciate what I did say about them on this blog (and then published in a book).  I know I will appreciate remembering.

Since caring them takes most of my time, I don’t get to say all that I want to remember in this forum . . .  which leads me to one of my goals for 2013. I am going to take at least one picture every day.  I carry my phone around with me everywhere and it is my primary camera, so I have no excuse.  I want to just capture “our day” candidly.  It’s been a bit of challenge to remember to take a picture, but fun to look at what I have just from this past week.

week 1 collageThis week I’ve captured the kids heading off to bed for the first time in 2013 with Miss Sweety and Silly Monkey in tow.
All the kids have been super sick with horrible coughs and after getting really tired of Audra coughing so hard she would throw up, I stuck a binky in her mouth one night.  The next day I found her playing the iPad, sucking away.
Conner spent nearly a week in the same place on the couch after his surgery using his portable table to eat and work on homework – he is a serious trooper.
Logan loves getting in the tub with the little kids even though he’s big enough to shower himself.
When Dave’s at work, Logan and I make ourselves a green drink in my new awesome (just for you Dave) blender for lunch; when Dave’s here we enjoy a green drink for lunch.
And finally, after months and months Audra still naps in her port-a-crib – I know someday she’ll stay in her bed but for now it’s worth the space it takes up for her to get some much needed sleep!


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