[ the wrap up of the wrapping and such ]

2012 is now ending.  It has been a very good year.  We have felt extremely blessed this year!

Christmas of 2012 was also a great one! Dave not only gets a week off of work during the Summer, but also the week of Christmas to New Years.  It has been SO wonderful having him around, playing and getting the TO DO list checked off. So, during our “break” we had ourselves a grand old time.

We started Christmas Eve at G&G Tanner’s as is tradition.  The kids were all very excited about their gingerbread houses, and now that more of the kids are older it sure is more fun because they can build and create on their own.  Conner tried really hard to make the tallest chimney out of gummy candies.  He made it 10 candies tall – WOW.
We also enjoyed learning about our Savior in a more personal way.  Meaningful gifts were exchanged and pajamas & ornaments opened.  Then it was time to go home and get notes and cookies ready for Santa . . . .
christmas collage 2

Christmas morning was just delightful!  Santa was brilliant enough to deliver his presents to the Family Room where there is more room.  Everyone had fun, was gracious and smiled!! It was such a fun morning and day together.christmas collage

A few days later we celebrated Christmas as the Tanner family with a night of bowling and hot chocolate, rather than giving gifts.  It was a blast!  Even the little kiddos had a great time – may become a tradition.

So glad we had fun at the beginning of the break, for then the sickness set in.  Conner had some minor “delicate” surgery and the other three kids came down with a heck of a cough/cold.  We’ve been in and lounging about.  Overall, Christmas Break  was a great end to a great year!!


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