[ adobe ]

I think if you are human and live in Utah, you’ve heard about the new Adobe building opening up in Lehi.  It’s quite a structure and looks very impressive from the outside.  The company began working there November 5th and we just got to hear from Dave how cool it was.  I was finally able to see if for myself a few weeks ago at the Christmas party.  I know it’s just an office building, but it’s a pretty darn cool one at that.  Designed very modern and cool (how many times can I say that?).  There is a music room, a metal ball track (where you can collect balls at the bottom of the stairs and then carry them up and drop them in the track, watching them race to the bottom – the kids loved this when we took them), a basketball court, a full gym with trainers, of course amazing views, and a Starbucks hot chocolate machine in every break room.

The company Christmas party was the first time we had left all 4 children with a non-family babysitter.  I’m embarrassed to admit that, but Eli has been the trickiest sleeper and it hasn’t been worth it.  Luckily, our babysitter is AMAZING and I knew they would all be in good hands.  Dave and I had so much fun together.  There was excellent food, marshmallow roasting stations, Segway rides, flight simulators, fortune tellers, laser tag, massages and more.  The night ended with 3 SYTYCD dancers, including Cyrus – hello, it was incredible! We feel very blessed!

adobe collage


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