. cane of magic .

candy cane collage
Eli must have something in his mouth at all times.
He will, quite literally, try to eat whatever is in front of his face! Even if whatever he wants is not yet in his hands, his mouth is wide open ready and willing.
He has gotten really good at sitting on his own.  He can sit for nearly an hour just playing with whatever is in front of him.  He also enjoys sitting in the bumbo, but sometimes he really just wants some interaction and to be held, usually right when I need to get something done.  Enter the candy cane!  We have come to learn that if we give him a wrapped candy cane, he’ll gnaw on it and keep himself entertained. He has yet to break through.  Other favorite things to suck on include plastic spoons, clothespins, napkins and newspaper.  That sounds like a horrible list of things, but just know we are responsible parents 🙂 and no damage has been done!


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