. oh me, oh my .

I can’t decide if this picture makes me want to laugh, or laugh even harder.
Several months ago we did a storage room clean-out and we found this little treasure.
As soon as Dave found it, he asked me what in the world it was and why in the world we had it.
I informed him that as a 9th grader I took a wood-working class, I was one of two girls in woodshop (me and my best friend) and I even won some award at the end of the year.  I loved that class!  This was one of the our projects – a gumball machine.  Does the splatter paint date me at all??

Dave immediately wanted to get rid of it, but I knew the boys would get a kick out of it.  So it’s been in their room ever since.  The turning mechanism that delivers the gumball is prone to getting stuck and it makes a lovely high-pitched squeaking noise so we always know when a gumball is being retrieved.  But it’s been fun to find different candies that will fit in it and who knows maybe someday (in the very, very far future) it will be valuable :-)!


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