. modern day shopping .

Fact:  I have 4 (FOUR) kids.
Fact:  It is December.
Fact: I have loads of shopping to do.
Fact.  I have FOUR kids!!

Enter the loveliness that is online shopping!  Love it! Love it!!!
I can literally sit in bed super late at night and accomplish all that I need to.
A few days later, the doorbell rings and whaalaa ….it’s magic :-).
No need to drag a carseat, a two year old, a kid who wants everything he sees out and about.
But we didn’t want Eli to miss the shopping cart experience, so we pushed him around the basement. He is a small guy (my smallest baby by a long shot), but he was still a wee bit too big – didn’t seem to mind though.

shoppingMy other shopping secret weapon:  Dave!  He takes charge of the children at night, so I can go out by myself . . . also LOVE that!  And can’t wait until the year when we can out together sans children.  That will happen at some point, right?


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