. where the reindeer live .

Mr. Logan is a busy little boy.  He moves from one activity to another.  He’ll play with cars, build with legos, continually color in his Star Wars coloring book, play on the iPad, make-believe with Audra and so on.  It’s fun to watch him move from activity to activity.  One night as he was mindlessly coloring, he started talking aloud.  We didn’t catch everything, but we did hear him say “they live where it rains, that’s why they’re called reindeer!” 🙂 That kid is hilarious. And he’s taking this Christmas business pretty darn serious.  He has taken to asking me where Santa comes in our house (since we don’t have a chimney, just a fireplace, I told him he comes in the front door. That left him wondering if Santa comes in all our neighbors houses the same way …..).  He then wondered where the reindeer are when Santa’s inside.  He wanted to know if our “Elf” who visits our house everyday is real, because according to Logan he doesn’t look real. He also hopes that even though he only asked for 3 things on his Christmas list, Santa will bring him more.

He’s really helping us get into the Christmas spirit!  Which is what we need.  I was on the verge of not pulling out the Christmas decorations this year.  Just one more thing to do and I didn’t feel like it.  But . . . I forced myself and am glad I did because once I got them out and up I started to feel much more excited about the holidays!  Involving the kids is what makes it really magical and now I wish we had more than a few weeks until the big day — so much I want to do with them.

We were lucky enough to see Santa a few nights ago at a family Christmas party.  We learned a few things during that encounter.  First, Audra has NO fear of Santa.  As soon as he came in, she ran right over and began chatting away.  Secondly, we were informed from Santa that she asked for a puppy.  News to us and hopefully that was just said in passing because it sure as heck won’t be happening this year.

santa collage


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