. sewing mania .

For some very strange, obnoxious and alarming reason, every year at this time I get a little bug in me.  This bug tells me to do things that I’ve been putting off for months and months.  This bug persuades my mind into thinking that I will be able to do EVERYTHING and that I will feel so happy about it.  This bug lies dormant for the remainder of the year, but as soon as December 1st hits it is alive and kicking as if I don’t have anything else going on at this time of year.  So, I postponed decorating for Christmas while I spent 4 days of my life sewing.  Two of those days were spent in the exact same clothes.  All of the days did not include working out or showering.  They also made me a horrible mother and wife.  The kids watched whatever they wanted; they ate whatever and whenever they wanted; they played with whatever they wanted; all in the name of leaving me alone.  I was SO not patient.  We didn’t have dinner and I even requested Dave figure something out on his way home from work.  But . . . . . . look what I got done.
sewing collage

Yes, it’s true that Eli is nearly 7 months old. And it’s true that for 7 months he hasn’t had a bumper pad.  While pregnant I had toyed with the idea of making one since I just couldn’t find anything I liked, but then I talked myself out of it.  I decided we didn’t really need a bumper pad.  After all, they just get in the way of changing the sheets.  If they get spit up on or worse, it’s a pain to wash, and tying them back is torture.  Then Eli entered our family.  From day one he’s been different from the others.  He’s very active, particularly in his bed, and has been known to push himself up in the corner of the crib with his head resting on the hard slats.  After a few months of this behavior I decided it was high time I go ahead and make the bumper pad.

According to the wonderful world wide web, it was a SUPER easy sewing project.  One anyone could complete, even a sewing amateur like myself.  Well, I did it but not without a few semi-large hiccups.  Oh, and don’t believe everything you read on the internet :-). I am incredibly glad that project is behind us.  While I had the sewing machine out I decided to also complete some new pillows for the couch.

Wow typing this it sounds ridiculous that these few items would take me so long, but alas they did.  I have a few more projects up my sleeves but think it’s best if we take a short break.  Who knows maybe those projects will remain incomplete until next year when that nasty bug decides they must be done!


2 thoughts on “. sewing mania .

  1. Just today I was thinking that I wanted some new couch pillows. If I make dinner and babysit your kids will you sew up some pillows for me? hahaha

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