. a turkey of a day .

audra got camera happy in the car 🙂

We didn’t go over the river and through the woods, but we did go down the I-15 and through many towns to get to Grandma’s (and Grandpa’s) house for Thanksgiving!  It was a very fun, family-filled weekend!

Dave really stepped up and prepared some of the most important foods of the day:  turkey, pies and rolls! It was all delicious; and the company delightful. We finished another puzzle, the kids successfully found treasure on Grandma’s treasure hunt, and iPad gaming was introduced and enjoyed!

We were able to stay for about 4 days so we got a lot of fun in.  We even made it to Zion for a short hike and play in the water.

this girl and her love of sand and getting messy . . .

We really enjoyed ourselves.  Loved our accommodations, our cousins, our super-gramma, our G&G Mac and the guinea pig (Audra’s newest friend).  It is always fun to see our extended and far-away family and wish we could see more of them.
We are very grateful for such a supportive, loving and delightful family!

Mostly we are grateful that we did not “meet Jesus” as Audra kept saying we were going to :-)!


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