[ to be grateful ]

YAY!!  it’s November, which means a whole month to be grateful!
We’ve been filling up our family gratitude jar and can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts on Thanksgiving.  Logan has especially gotten excited about this tradition this year (probably because he is obsessed with learning and writing his letters)!

And while I’ve been grateful thus far this month, I’ve also had a fair amount of stress in planning our final Relief Society Activity of the year/Holiday Dinner.  The stress was increased due to a change in the Relief Society Presidency and my committee.  But now it’s over and I can FINALLY sit down and write some of my Thanksgiving thoughts.  P.S. the activity was wildly successful.  Our highest attendance EVER and even though I’m opposed, felt like a night of Christmas in November :-)!

Okay, so this month in particular I’ve got too much to be grateful for.

Love, love having such a wonderful and nearby family.  Dave and I toy with the idea of moving farther South to be closer to his job, and even though it wouldn’t be that far from my family, it would be less fun than having them this close.  In early November we were able to go to the Dinosaur Park with Megan and Kade.  The weather was p.e.r.f.e.c.t! and the kids loved it:

Then shortly after the prime weather, the snow fell!  And boy did it fall!!  Probably the most snow we have seen in years!  The kids were in absolute heaven.  I had forgotten about the process of dressing in snow gear . . . it’s quite a lengthy one and to complicate it even more, I am usually doing it one-handed (while holding Mr. Eli).  Because we went from 70 degree weather to the dead of winter in a matter of hours, I wasn’t entirely prepared.  Poor Audg didn’t have a “girlie” coat yet.  We added some touches of pink to her outfit so as not confuse the neighbors :-)!

having fun searching for gross and yummy flavors of jellybeans . . . nicely gifted to Logan from our neighbors when they learned of his arm injury

I am so grateful for the amazing children I have.  So grateful that they have fun together and get along most of the time.  Conner and Logan love to wrestle and Conner is smart enough to know he has to take it easy.  Conner loves to learn new things and share what he’s learned with whoever will listen.  He’s also the only child with homework in our house and we can see how that is going to be struggle for him (plus he is his father’s son which means homework is not important to him) . . . . so . . . . to make it a little more fun for him, we’ve added a page to our blog just for him.  See at the very top “. conner’s thoughts .”

Logan and Audra love to run around and be crazy.  Logan absolutely adores Eli and wants to play with him all the time.  Oh and he loves to dress up, so we were loving the post-Halloween costume clearance.

Audra is becoming the little Mom and is quick to jump up and give Eli his binky.  She recently started dance lessons and, believe me, there is nothing cuter than Audra in her dance clothes!  Her hair is slowly getting longer and some days she asks for “ponies” in her hair.

Eli is the smiliest kid around.  Dave says his eyes smile and that about sums him up; he does love attention and needs lots of in the middle of the night.  Good thing he’s so cute and happy during the day.
Love that everyone gets in on the fun with iPad.  We found an infant app and it’s too cute to see little Eli playing.  As ridiculous as this sounds, I am grateful for the iPad.  Unfortunately because I love it so much, I don’t get on the computer and blog as much as in the past.  But it is my “alone” time!!

There we have it! This is of course not my entire list …
At the top of the list is my sweetie pie who is my other half; the father of my children; and my bestest friend!!


One thought on “[ to be grateful ]

  1. I’m grateful for a beautiful, supportive wife that puts up with me popping over to NYC for a couple of days for work. I’m also grateful that she is such a fantastic mom.

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