[ baby i ]

We have taken to calling Eli, Baby I, or Baby Li.  Because Audra runs the two words together and that is what we get :-)!

Baby I is now nearly 6 months old!

He loves blowing raspberries and growling.  None of us can quite make the same growl sound!

He really enjoys sitting in his bumbo and reaching for toys.  Actually, he enjoys reaching for anything, anytime he can.  I use to be able to eat while holding him, but that has gotten much trickier.  He’s ended up with quite a bit of food on himself and he’s even enjoyed a taste or two from whatever happens to end up on his fingers.  Speaking of which, since Dave and I are getting a bit more desperate for this little babe to sleep through the night, or really to just go longer than 3 hours at a time we have tried everything.  I don’t usually feed my babies until they are at least 6 months old.  And I really didn’t want to start that until absolutely necessary because it is messy and takes so much longer than quickly nursing, but like I said desperate times call for desperate measures.  He had a few nights of some barley cereal, which he tolerated, but he definitely enjoyed squash!

Guess what?  Made no difference to his sleeping habits, so I’ve not been as regular about it.

My theory is that Eli will sleep longer when he is darn well ready to.  In his short 6 months that has been a recurring theme.  And so we wait……


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