[ after the candy ]

Of course it was Halloween last week and it was fun and all, but I’m going to start with the AFTER!

Well, the story really starts BEFORE.  On Halloween night, Dave was running late at work.  Logan and Audra were riding bikes/scooters in the garage.  I was busy getting dinner ready for the crowd that was coming and getting Conner ready to head out trick-or-treating with his friends. As I was running around, I thought I could hear someone crying.  I asked Conner about it.  He said he could also hear the noise, but didn’t see anyone crying.  Every once in awhile I’d hear the crying again.  After about 20 minutes, I had to go out to the garage for something.  There I found Logan sitting on the steps, holding his arm crying.  I was kind of surprised because Logan is NOT a crier (unlike his older brother).  It takes a lot to make him cry and to now realize he’d been crying for a good 20 minutes, made me wonder.  Instead of thinking something was wrong with him, I assumed he was probably ornery.  He’d probably had too much sugar at school; and I don’t think I’m alone in finding that kids tend to get more ornery the more excited they are . . . . I found myself getting annoyed with him, rather than being sympathetic.  I asked him what was wrong; he said he fell off his scooter and his arm hurt; I looked at it and found all to be well.  People were arriving then, so I let it go!

Fast forward nearly 3 hours ….. Logan headed out trick or treating, once with Ty and once with his friend.  When he got home I asked him to wash his hands.  He told me he couldn’t hold his arm up to reach the sink —- weird.  I had Dave look at it.  He said it wasn’t swollen and he could move his hand and arm, so it was probably just sore.  Then we attempted to put on his pjs and he couldn’t lift his arm then either.  We decided to let him go to sleep and check on it in the morning.  Two hours into sleeping he was crying because his arm hurt so bad.

Of course at this point InstaCare is closed, so Dave and Logan were off to the ER.  At 1:30am they arrived home with a splinted arm.  No fractures showed up on the x-ray but that is common in the elbow region.  They are calling it a sprain of the elbow, but we will go later this week to make sure it in fact is not broken.

He has been an absolute champ!!!  As terrible as this sounds, I have found myself smiling seeing him play with his little injured arm.  He doesn’t let it stop him.

And so far he is making up for his non-injured brother.  First stitches in the Spring and now this incident. We’re REALLY learning about life with boys!


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