[ in training ]

I had two objectives last week, but decided to only focus on one:

Turns out an iPad is a GREAT potty training tool!


Our little Audra has been “ready” for quite a while.  Really since before Eli was born, but I didn’t want to deal with it then.  I just remembered the hassle it presented and decided diapering was going to fit life with a newborn much better.  Plus, thus far in my parenting career I can safely admit that I absolutely despise potty training.  Ooohh…..that I could pay someone to do it for me :-)!

Little did I know that Audra would catch on so quickly and actually make it relatively easy.  She’s had very few accidents and has already transitioned to the big potty.  Dave and I can’t get enough of her little tush hanging out of her big girl underwears!!  I picked this particular week because it was Fall Break and I knew I could use Conner’s help.  Conner turned out to be very excited about her latest milestone.  Everyday after school he’d ask how many pairs of underwear she went through.  And he was always willing to go sit in the bathroom with her until she took care of business!  Probably not his ideal Fall Break, but I loved having him around.

Some of our favorite potty moments from the week include her pooping in the potty, turning around to inspect and replying “Ooh, it’s so ruffly.”  Then again after a poops and further inspection she commented, “it looks like an ice cream cone!”  Yip, she’s kept us cracking up.

But of course with the good, comes the bad.  I had forgotten about the attitude change that accompanies potty training.  The boys also had a similar problem.  I guess it’s because they are giving up something and becoming more independent or something, but man the tantrums increase in frequency and in intensity.  She has really pushed my buttons this week, but I think we are both adjusting!!

My second objective:  to sleep train that little 5 month old.  He has decided to stop sleeping for long stretches at night.  He wakes 3-4 times and I’m exhausted!  I’ve tried several techniques and will keep up with them to see if anything helps, but something tells me this is going to be a pattern in Eli’s life:  when he’s ready to do something, he just does it!  And usually there’s nothing anyone can do to persuade him it’s time.
In the meantime Dave and I take turns getting up at night, flipping him over, binkieing him, and Dave has been so kind to sleep with him in the basement on the weekends so I can attempt to catch up on sleep.  I know it’s just a phase, but it’s starting to feel like a long one.


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