[ laundry ]

I’ve mentioned it several times — I have less control of my life and time right now than I would prefer!
However, there is one area I refuse to relinquish control of.  Mostly because if I did, it would take over my life:


I have ONE laundry day every week.
It’s a long day of washing and folding, usually with Dave at night, but it’s done!

I don’t mind doing laundry, in fact I find it is a glimpse into everyone’s life that week.  I find various items in pockets and attempt to remove stains all of which make me smile as I remember how they got there.  Conner’s are usually full of wrappers (candy) and other school items.  And since I don’t usually go through the pockets beforehand, there is almost always a car rolling around in the dryer that fell out of Logan’s pocket.  Oh, and it is amazing that adding just one more person, significantly increases the laundry load.

Speaking of laundry — look at the cutest little treasure I found in the laundry basket:


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