[ will we ever learn? ]

5 is the age that I start doing friend parties, and then we do them on odd years after that.
Conner’s 5-year-old birthday party was a huge production.  I did an airplane themed 3 hour party, which turned out to be 2 hours too long :-)!  You’d think I’d remember how much energy 5 years old have, and how much energy it takes to produce a 5-year-old birthday party.

Thanks to the brilliant marketing folks at Chuck E. Cheese, Logan has been enthralled with the commercials and no matter how I tried, there was no persuading him away from having his birthday there.  I used to pride myself on having never been there.  Not the case any longer. But I was glad to not have a party at my house!

Friday night we rolled into Chuck E. Cheese with seven 5 year olds.  And chaos ensued!  They all had a blast and Dave and I reminded ourselves to never forget that night!  But it’s done and now we are off the hook for birthdays for a while – YAY!! Oh, and I definitely do not ever need to go back :-)!!


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