[ two sides ]

This week we have seen the two sides of Audra.

Wednesday she spent the day talking about The Holy Ghost; how He makes us feel happy; and how He talks to Jesus. She brought it up and it was cute …..

Thursday night just before bed, Conner discovered that the entire bottle of fish food was no longer in the bottle but in the bottom of the fish bowl.   And there was quite a bit of fishbowl water on the bookshelf. This bookshelf is too high for a two-year old unless she brings in a stool. Which it turns out she did while Dad was in charge :)!  Conner was very (VERY) upset!!  He lost a few Star Wars cards to the water, but after some clean-up all was well again.  That was really Conner’s first initiation into being the oldest.  He’s been lucky that his younger siblings haven’t really gotten into his stuff, or ruined his stuff . . . until now!

And such is the life with a two-year old.
(Upon further questioning and investigation, we believe that Audra was simply trying to feed the fish like she sees her brothers do.  We also believe she realized her mistake and was attempting to retrieve the excess food – hence the spilled water.  We also hope that seeing Conner that upset, will help her remember not to do it again) :)!


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