[ conner’s time off ]

Was spent reading, most notably Harry Potter.  He read all 4100 pages this summer
Swimming.  He also came a long way in swimming.  He was his swimming teacher’s only student to be able to tread for 5 minutes straight.  He was very proud of this accomplishment.
Playing with friends, more friends, and cousins.  He slowly got over his best friend moving away and branched out to gain many new friends. And he, of course, loved spending his week with G&G Mac.
Being a stand-up and stellar older/oldest brother!  He was such a big help to me, and Logan and Audra look up to him so much.  He is ever willing to play with them and watch them for me.

He was my little gardener.  Without being asked, he’d go check on the garden and pick the produce that was ready.  We didn’t quite see eye to eye on the size a zucchini should be when ready.  He thought the bigger the better 🙂 !  There were plenty of zucchinis to go around, so he could make his zucchini boats and we still had oodles to cook with.

Practicing the piano.  At 9 years old, we knew it was high time he started in on the world of learning an instrument.  The piano my parents bought when I was his age has (for some reason) been gifted to Ali.  She doesn’t currently have room in her house for it, so she is allowing us to use it.  Conner is doing great!  He is especially great at memorizing, which is super impressive to me.

As much as he loved his time off, he’s loving 4th grade even more.  Every day he comes home with a smile, a story, and a very upbeat attitude!


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