[ logan was busy . . . ]

Just playing and playing, as he would say.  Every time he comes in from playing and I ask him what he did, that is his reply.
One of his favorite Summer activities is playing with his best little friend, who happens to live next door.  In the same house Conner’s best friend lived in at this same age . . . . crazy!

Learning how to swing himself.  Mom & Dad really appreciated this development:
Came a VERY long way in swimming.  He learned to like lessons and loved going swimming with Grandma who helped him discover he could do more than he thought.

Always talking to, laying by and just loving Eli.
Impressing us with his fun personality and braveness:
Mastering (and I do mean mastering) his balance bike.  I’ve got the videos to prove it.  That kid is a dare-devil and is certainly ready to have the training wheels taken off his “real” bike.
Capturing Summer through his eyes (and the spare camera):

Always being hungry!  The most common sentences out of that kids mouth is:  “I’m hungry,” “I want something to eat,” or “could I just have something small?”  Lucky for him, I have a few creative snacks up my sleeve.


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