[ really grooving ]

We’re a week into Conner back at school and now we’re adjusting to the schedule.
Logan started Preschool the day after Conner.  This will be his third & FINAL year of preschool.  He was excited this year to have a new teacher (the same teacher Conner had) and be able to walk.  It has quickly become apparent that 3 days is not going to be enough for him, since most of his friends headed off to Kindergarten.
His goal for the year:  learn how to read!

We think that maybe he’s a bit jealous of Conner and all the reading he does.  Logan has taken to “reading” Harry Potter and Calvin & Hobbes.  He turns a few pages (looks at the pics on Calvin & Hobbes) and then puts in his bookmark.  It’s pretty cute!  Recently, Dave and Conner were reading something and Logan walked over to them.  He wanted so badly to know what was going on and said, “It sure would be helpful if I knew how to read!”  Love that kid!!!

The first week of school is always a busy one, luckily I had something to look forward to:  my annual get-away to Park City with my amazing friends from high school!!!  Because Eli is only 4 months old, I was only able to stay for one night.  I have been a pumping maniac in anticipation of this weekend and knew that I really needed two nights away, but would feasibly only be able to stay for one.  Turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.  Besides laughing hysterically, learning new and shocking 🙂 things about my friends, playing games, eating far too much junk and delicious food, and shopping; my favorite part of these weekends is not having a schedule.  I love that we can decide to do something and then just get in the car and go.  No nap schedules, eating schedules or even carseats :-)!

Perhaps my second favorite part of this get-away is Dave’s newfound understanding of my life as a mom of four!  He’s always appreciative of what I do and is very good at supporting me and giving me the necessary breaks.  But he spent 32 hours straight with these little people we created and got to REALLY see how little time I have to myself.  Maybe I should start accomplishing less now since he seems to think it’s impossible to do anything except care for the kids :)!  It was a great experience for everyone!


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