[ the groove ]

We’re getting back in the groove.  The school groove!

Today was Conner’s first day of 4th grade.  10 years ago, at just about this time, I found out I was FINALLY going to have a baby.  Never thought we’d be here this quickly.

This is the first time our county has started school this late.  Originally I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Of all the summers to be extra long, I didn’t want this one with a new baby to be it.  It turned out to be a blessing.  I loved not having a schedule for so long and loved having Conner around so much.  Plus, it just feels more like schooltime after Labor Day!

Conner was excited for this year (and just a little nervous).  He didn’t want Dave or I to accompany him, so he must be getting up there in the elementary school :-).  I wish we would have a chance to miss him, but for some silly reason today is an early out day.


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