[ duckies come here ]

One of our favorite memories of 2-3 year old Logan was him summoning  some ducks at the local pond.  I had his sweet, sweet voice on my phone telling those duckies to come here.  Fast forward to 2 1/2-year-old Audra and another local pond where there are a lot of aggressive ducks and geese.  That girl just loves animals and has no fear.  She was insistent they come to her; unfortunately her charging them just meant they ran away!  Maybe if she would have used some of her ridiculous 2-year-old tantrum techniques, which seem to work with her brothers and parents (well, more Dave than me – I don’t have time to put up with all her particulars all day) she would have been more successful.  She’s pretty good at using whining, tears and yelling to get something to go her way.  Has us all wishing she could stay 2, because we know 3 is much worse :-)!

I’m grateful for Dave’s desire to run my errands as a family.  We were able to all get out together, I got most of my stuff done, and we were able to enjoy a wonderful lunch and afternoon having fun at the park.  Sometimes Dad does know best!


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