[ the doon ]

Also known as Lagoon!

When Conner was young (and the only child), we had season passes to Lagoon.  I mean why not, we live 5 minutes away??  It was nice to just be able to run over in the evenings for a bit, or on a Saturday for a few hours.  Season passes are once again in our forseeable future, I think.  In the meantime we decided it wouldn’t be summer without a day at Lagoon.  We brought Meggie, Ty and Kade along with us.  Ty and Dave decided to take the day off, so we enjoyed a relatively uncrowded, super hot, but fun-for-all day at Lagoon!!
Eli was a trooper.  He hung out in the stroller or in someone’s arms.
Audra wasn’t sure what to think of all the rides at first, but ended up loving them (especially the whales).
Logan proved to be less daring than at Disneyland, but Dave and I did insist he ride a few he was nervous about.
Conner was our little roller coaster king.  He and Dave stayed a few hours longer riding as many roller coasters as they could; so many they managed to upset Conner’s stomach.
Glad we were able to spend the day together!


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