[ too much fun ]

A week ago today there was far too much fun had (for the majority of the family ).
I was miserable and all medical advice was telling me to stay in bed, so that’s what Eli and I did.
However, there was still a promised zoo visit to make and the sun was out again which made for a great excursion!
Audra told me all the animals she saw and loved every minute. She’s also 2 and didn’t always want to ride in the stroller Dave brought for her —- she wanted to push said stroller.  Believe me, you want to pick your battles with that girl.

After a short recuperation, they were off to have some more adventures:  fishing.
Logan has been wanting to go fishing for months.  I knew the perfect person to involve:  Grandpa!
I remember going fishing growing up with my dad.  I can’t remember the details of it, but I think most of it took place up Payson Canyon and I think I even ate the fish.  I guess my dad has learned and knew that going to a fishery would be more successful and conducive to fishing with youngins.  It was almost too successful as 13 fish were caught – Conner catching the 2 biggest.  They all h
ad fun!  Audra liked to make sure the fishies felt welcome, so she’d stand over them and say:  “Hello Fishy!”
Dave cooked their treasures up and the kids enjoyed a meal of trout – their first time (we’re not big fish eaters around here)!

I don’t think more fun could be packed into a day!


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