[ it’s raining ]

A week ago today the fun really started.
We’d been praying for rain for a few weeks because of all the wildfires.  Our prayers were answered, but it also happened to be on the day we had decided to go to the zoo.  It was drizzling at home so we decided to head to the zoo with the hopes it would be a light rain there as well.  Turns out it was a downpour and there was no clearing in site, plus the temperature was dropping quickly.  Our plans were foiled.  It felt so great to be out together as a family and we did want to do some sort of activity (preferable indoors), so we headed to the movies.  Yep, we were THOSE people who took a baby to a movie.  For the record, we went to a kids movie, “BRAVE” at 11 o’clock in a nearly empty theater and he slept the whole time.  It was a cute movie and Audra’s first experience in a theater – I think she liked the popcorn more than anything!  It was also the day that I got mastitis so I was not feeling so hot.  I was glad to have Dave around to help as it took a few days to feel better!


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