[ time off ]

Another exciting benefit of Dave’s new job is what is called “Summer Break.”  The company basically shuts down the week of the 4th of July. That means we’ve had Dave home for the last week and we’ve tried to live it up.  Our original plan was to head to Park City for a few days, but decided that might not be as enjoyable with a newborn.  We did try to do as many activities as a family as possible.

A week ago yesterday, Dave headed to the mountains with the boys and Grandpa for a bit of camping!  A fun time was had by all – what with the hot dog roasting, s’more making and Lucky Charms and Tang (gross) for breakfast; plus Grandpa’s stories and Logan’s new phrase:
“What the Stinkin’ Holy Kablammo!”  Yes, he came up with that on his own and now uses it frequently.

Audra, Eli and I enjoyed a super quick trip to Target (note to self:  NEVER take a newborn and a two year old to the store ever, ever again).  It was literally 5 minutes before everyone melted down.

A week ago today, the camping gear was put away and we headed out to Ali’s pool once again for an enjoyable swim!
While we were having a great time together, Ali was suffering horribly in the hospital.  Turns out she had an ovarian cyst rupture and it was excruciating!  We felt SO bad for her.  She is just now starting to feel like a person again, but it was scary there for a while.
We were sad we couldn’t do anything for her, and grateful for the use of her pool because we have some budding swimmers on the horizon!  It was a great start to the week O fun!


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