[ grammas galore ]

My kiddos have two wonderful grandmas.
Two grandmas who love them very much and would pretty much do anything for them.
They love spending time with their grandmas and making memories with them.
Well, as if two wasn’t enough, we now have Grandma Marci.  Grandma Marci is actually Kade’s other grandma (Tyler’s mom).  She is also pretty wonderful.  So wonderful that she watched my kiddos during Ali and Josh’s wedding.  So wonderful that she also has a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, who (for some reason) enjoy taking my kids to play.  They recently took my kids to Grandma Marci’s incredible backyard and now that is all my kids talk about.  It is a pretty stellar backyard with a pond, playhouse, swings, the creek and a rope swing.  It’s pretty much every kids dream!!  So now we get to hear about Grandma Marci and how they want to go play —- how lucky could these kids be!


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