[ one month ]

Eli has officially been part of our family for one month!  Sometimes it feels like it’s been years since I had him and other times I am sad that the time is going by so quickly.  I am really trying to enjoy him and this very short phase of having a newborn; this is hard to do when there are many others demanding my attention.  He is the sweetest little guy!  He has the calmest disposition and will sit and look around.  He does like to be held which I don’t mind (most of the time).  Everyday he looks different to me.  I can’t say for sure who he looks like – just like himself!  I can say, for the first time, that I really believe his name fits him.  I was always on the fence with the other kids (at least until they grew into their name).

As it’s been a month, there are a few things I don’t want to forget about his delivery/birth:
– I will never forget the details of Dave’s car door.  As I labored, heavily, in the car on the way to the hospital I was only comfortable on my knees so I knelt on the seat and held onto the door handle while my mom applied pressure to my hips during contractions.  I spent a lot of time staring at that door and am grateful someone locked it.
– Once we arrived at hospital via the emergency room, a wheelchair was brought out.  Once again, I DID NOT want to sit down (remember by this point I had been pushing in the car).  I climbed onto the wheelchair kneeling down.  The emergency room nurse was NOT happy about this.  I never saw her face, but will remember the fuss she made about me falling out.  She was so worried about it, she pushed with one hand and grabbed my shirt with the other.  Believe me, I was not going to fall out.  I was gripping that thing so tightly!!!
– I hope to never forget the connection I felt to Eli and heaven that day.  From the time I woke up that Saturday, I knew baby was coming.  I knew it in my heart, but didn’t want to say it out loud.  Since we’d ALL been waiting so long for his arrival I didn’t want to get everyone all excited if in fact I was wrong (even though I knew I wasn’t).  I also remember he was VERY active in my belly that day.  It was like he was telling me he was getting ready and excited!
– For nearly 10 years I have heard all kinds of reactions to my decision to deliver my babies unmedicated.  I have also heard many other delivery stories, some of which include someone having an epidural and then sleeping while in labor, or playing games while in labor.  As relaxing as that sounds to me, I knew it wasn’t for me.  I am happy to report that I also played games while in labor.  In the very late afternoon when the contractions were starting to get really intense, Mel and I sat down and played Boggle, our favorite  game.  We enjoy playing together because we are basically on the same level.  That day she continued to win over and over . . . my mind was definitely not in the game but it was a nice distraction!!

Given my current lack of sleep, those are the highlights that are coming to mind!  I’m sure I’ll remember more at some point :-)!


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