[all by myself]

Tomorrow I officially take the reins of running the household and 4 kiddos by myself.
For the first time ever, Dave was given paternity leave.  And not just paternity leave, 2 WEEKS of PAID paternity leave.
He originally wanted to save it and use it for us to go on a trip together, but with a newborn we knew that wasn’t in the cards for a long while.  We decided he should go ahead and use it so he could get stuff done around the house (and ease this transition for me).
I was looking forward to this 2 weeks, but also knew Dave was going to go crazy not working for that long.
He managed almost 5 days without looking at his email 🙂 and he barely managed not working for the 2 weeks, but now he gets to go back to doing what he loves.  And as nervous as I am to do my job on my own it is time.
I will however miss Dave driving carpool. changing diapers, making meals, cleaning up, entertaining children, letting me sleep in, holding the baby, checking off his ginormous to-do list, and many other countless and much appreciated things!!  Mostly I will just miss him.

Back to “normal” life . . . . .


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