[Eli Tanner McNamee]

This is Dave. It is tradition that I make the first post about the birth of a new child, so I am sharing with you my journal entry from Tuesday:

Eli Tanner McNamee is finally here. He was born at 8:06 PM on Saturday, May 12 2012. He weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and measured 19 inches.

Saturday started out as a regular day. I went for a 6 mile run and mowed the lawn. My mom had come up to be here for the baby, so Amber and I took the opportunity to go run errands without any kids. We went for a walk and Amber told us that she was pretty sure it would be today-she was having some pretty strong labor contractions. I was still not sure- she was just going about life as if nothing were happening, which is different from the other times. I took Logan and we bought a trampoline. We came home and assembled it and Amber told us the contractions were getting stronger. She went up to our bedroom to labor in the relative quiet. We fed everyone dinner and finally called Kris to tell her it was happening. She came over and helped Amber work through contractions. I had the feeling that we should probably go to the hospital, but I did not want to impose that opinion on Amber, since she had done a good job at making that judgment in the past. Sometime after 7 PM her contractions got more intense and I finally declared that we should go to the hospital. Now, if you are observant, you will remember that I already mentioned that the baby was born at 8:06 PM. That’s right, we barely made it.

We got in my car- with Amber and her mom in the back. As we started down the frontage road on our way to LDS hospital, I could tell that she was in transition. Kris would push in on Amber’s hips as she worked through each contraction. Amber had an app on her phone that we used to track the duration and frequency of each contraction. They were starting to come fast, and they were really strong. We finally made it onto the freeway, and things got more harrowing. Amber said she really felt like pushing and told us later that she actually was pushing in the car. I started to wonder if we were going to make it in time. I exceeded the speed limit significantly on the freeway (105 MPH). I was becoming more and more concerned and considered breaking more traffic laws in order to get there faster. Finally we made it to the hospital and I pulled into the ambulance spot at the emergency entrance because a bunch of dumb cars were in the way of the normal spots. Ali and Megan (Amber’s sisters) were there to meet us. I ran in, yelled at the admit nurses what was going on, grabbed a wheelchair and ran back out to get Ambs. We got her in the wheelchair, but kneeling facing backwards. One of the nurses was really worried that she would fall out. We firmly told her it would be fine. We ran her inside and up to the L&D rooms, stopping only to let Amber work through a couple of contractions.

We made it into the L&D room and the nurse checked Amber. “She’s complete, plus 2” she said quietly. Gretchen, our CNM, wasn’t there yet. Neither was my mom (she had to wait for Don [father in law] to come watch the kids). Gretchen was apparently 5 minutes away, and I texted my mom “come fast.” Finally Gretchen arrived. She coached Amber through one or two contractions and my mom arrived. Then Gretchen declared that it was time to push. Two or three pushes later and the little guy came out smoothly. The room erupted in reverent cheers, and I cried. Ali, Megan, Kris, and my mom all witnessed the birth. I helped hand the baby to Amber as he started to cry a little. He was pink and pretty clean. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing before I cut it. We knew he was small, and the scale confirmed it. Other than being small, he was just fine.

There was some debate about how long we had been at the hospital before he was born. Megan and Ali seemed to think it was close to an hour. The nurses would come in and say “you’re the 16 minute delivery.” It turns out that number is pretty close to being right- Gretchen confirmed that Amber was only on the monitors for 12 minutes. Whew!

We brought the kid home yesterday (Monday) after naming him Eli. He hasn’t quite figured out breast feeding yet, so we are giving him a bottle after Amber pumps (update: he’s doing better now). His billirubin count was high, too, so he has been spending most of his time on what I like to call the “baby scanner”. The thing looks like a flatbed scanner. He looks great, but we’ll see what his count is after he visits the doctor today. (Wednesday was his last day on the lights, count is normal)

The older kids love him. They all want to hold him, and they are sweet with him. This first 24 hours at home has gone reasonably well. We’ll see how things go after my mom leaves this afternoon. She has been a real life saver for us.

I feel so blessed to have another son. I love my boys. I love Audgie, too, but there is something special about having boys.

Pictures coming soon.


4 thoughts on “[Eli Tanner McNamee]

  1. Congratulations you guys! I have been anxiously waiting to hear the news and I am glad all went well and that little Eli made his arrival at the hospital and not on I-15. Looking forward to meeting him.

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