Today is me and Dave’s GOLDEN anniversary!  Only because it is the 14th and we have been married 14 years!
Man, I love that guy!  And I have fallen more in love as the years have progressed!
I really enjoyed being able to drive past the location of our reception every time I have gone to my midwife!  It’s been fun to reminisce about how young {and stupid} we were; but then to focus on how far we have come and how great it is!

Dave is the greatest blessing in my life!
He absolutely supports me 100%!
He is an extraordinary dad, who puts his kids first (after me, of course)!
He is extremely talented and the hardest worker!
He is ingenious!
He is the best listener, ironer, chicken roaster, dough fryer, bread maker and tile-layer I know!
I’ve got a lot to learn from him and can’t wait to spend our days together!


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