[the day]

Happy DUE DATE to me!!
I’m not one to bank on a baby coming on the due date, in fact a due date is kinda silly.  It’s more of an approximation.
However, since I have not ever reached my due date with any of my pregnancies I am feeling pretty darn anxious and beyond ready to have this little guy.  Today my midwife determined I was dilated to a 2 and proceeded to strip my membranes to get things moving along {hopefully}.
As we continue our wait for the most anticipated baby of the year :-), there have been some moments I don’t want to forget.

Last night during FHE, Dave asked each of the kids to talk to the baby.  To tell him how excited we are to meet him and that we love him.  Audra pointed to my belly and pointed out that it is not a baby, it is a belly.  When I asked her what was in my belly, she said a baby.  Then she said she was going to take the baby out.  She started lifting up my shirt and asked, “where is the door?”  Oh, that it were that easy . . . just open the door and take the baby out.

Today my midwife said she had a dream about us.  Apparently, the baby was coming so quickly we brought Audra with us to the hospital.  She sat on the couch in the delivery room playing the iPad while the baby was born.  I’m banking on that dream :-)!

we’ll continue on riding the roller coast of the waiting game — just like this awesome roller coaster Conner built!


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