[those moments]

If you look closely in this picture, you can see Audra wearing Logan’s Tball hat.  He is on the White Sox team, so the hat says SOX on it . . . . or does it?
On the first day of Tball, we had dropped Conner off at Scouts then Logan and I went to Tball practice where he got his hat and shirt.  He insisted on immediately putting them on.  We then went and picked Conner up from Scouts.  As we are pulling out of the church parking lot, Conner says to me:  “what is sex?”  I made sure I heard correctly, and sure enough I did.  My mind immediately started racing, so I thought maybe they talked about different sexes at Scouts. So replied that your sex means you are either a boy or a girl (I wanted to start there, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to head down the “other” road, even though he has had the talk).  Conner came back with, “I know that but why is it on Logan’s hat?”
I hadn’t looked that closely at the logo, but sure enough it looks more like sex than sox!  Cracks me and Dave up every time he puts on his Tball clothes :-)!

A few weeks ago, I had Logan, Audra and Kade outside on the swings.  My backyard neighbor was out working in his yard just a few steps from where we were on the other side of the fence.  I’m standing there pushing everyone, when Logan asks how the baby comes out???  Not wanting to have that discussion overheard by the neighbor :-), I took the easy road and responded that when the baby is ready he will just come out.  Logan pressed and asked how?  I told him it takes lots of hard work and then out he comes.  I guess on a 4 year old level he got it, because he replied, “oh, you just push really hard and the baby comes out!” I told him that was exactly it.  Dave says that I made him think you poop out a baby.  I think that is just fine for now (and it is partially true)!
Logan is by far my most curious child thus far, particularly when it comes to human anatomy and function!  It’s great, I’m glad he’s paying attention and wants to understand.  Even if it keeps me on my toes!


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