A picture taken on my iPhone
of me and boys
playing with the favorite toy:  the iPad
sitting on the latest and greatest:  new couch
on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Since Audra is missing from the photo I must share a story.

Last night she and I were waiting for the boys to finish showering.  I was doing something on the iPad and she saw a picture of me on there and pointed out that it was me.  She then hugged me and said that I was mommy.  Afterwards, she rubbed my belly and said that it was the baby.  Here is the rest of the conversation:  “baby so small.  I hold baby and not throw baby.  I so excited for baby.”  It was super sweet!  I didn’t think she really understood what was about to happen, but turns out she knows more than I thought.  We are ALL very excited to meet baby.  Every day Logan asks how many more days . . . . wish I knew! At the beginning of the week I decided Friday would be a great day. Dave says if it doesn’t happen by Sunday I have to wait til Wednesday because of work. My due date is Tuesday so I think Dave just jinxed himself :). At my appointment today we learned I haven’t made any further progress but that’s typical for me so really it could be 2 hours from now or 2 weeks from now. Anyone want to guess?


2 thoughts on “[us]

  1. It was good to see you last night. Looking cute. Almost makes me miss being pregnant. I forgot to say good luck with labor/delivery and looking forward to the news of this arrival! My guess is, um, Friday?

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