[working together]

Yesterday I was reminded of an episode of “The Cosby Show.”  The one where both the parents are sick in bed.
That was the scenario in our house as well.
I had been up the night before with an awful stomach flu and was recovering.  Dave was starting in on the fun (although I would take his sicknesses over mine any day. . . .at least he keeps his lunch where it belongs).
Thanks to some help from many folks — Megan taking Audra all day, and Logan’s friends mom taking him —- my kids had a good day.  Once they were all home and Dave and I were confined to bed, the house suddenly got very quiet.  I decided to check it out.  All the kids were outside playing.  Once they got hungry they came in.  Neither Dave or I really wanted to deal with food and since this week has been about Conner, I must give a shout out to my amazing boy.  Before Dave made it downstairs, Conner had found the leftovers in the fridge and was starting to heat them up for everyone.  I think I’m liking this 9 year old business. And I guess because Conner was reheating, Logan suddenly decided he liked the dinner the night before he refused to eat.  Both Dave and I were very grateful for Conner and his willingness to jump in and help without being asked.  Also, so glad to be feeling better.  I don’t think anyone who is 9 1/2 months pregnant should get that sick – super glad it didn’t put me into labor.


One thought on “[working together]

  1. So sorry you’ve been sick! I got the stomach flu the month before I had Jasec, and you’re right, it’s terrible when you’re pregnant. Snaps to Conner! Growing up is great! Hope you all feel better soon 🙂

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