[ you’ll shoot your eye out ]

We hope not!  Ever since our trip to Island Park about 3 years ago, we knew a BB gun was in Conner’s future.  He was an amazing shot then and remains today.  We decided 9 was a great age for such a gift.  He didn’t ask for it, but is pretty excited about it!!  Dave has taught him all the safety rules and last night they all had some fun with it.  Dave pointed out that he may have had more fun than Conner!  Because of all the construction going on around here (in the basement bathroom), we have quite a few large, sturdy cardboard boxes and those made excellent targets in the backyard!

I think Conner had a great day.  I guess I know he did, because he was smiley all day and told me at bedtime how grateful he was for all the gifts.  We didn’t get him everything he asked for (AKA a lizard), but tried to make it a good day.  Some highlights:
– my friend who drives carpool with me said that as soon as Conner got in the card yesterday morning, he was wearing the biggest grin and announced that it was his birthday
– when he got to SEM, the teacher asked what day it was.  Of course Conner knew so he quickly said, “the 23rd . . . my birthday!”  Before he could finish the sentence, the other 4 boys started singing Happy Birthday!  They just did it on their own.
– sharing some of our favorite things about Conner over dinner.  They included his curiosity, his patience and that he pushes Logan on the swings.  BTW, he picked beef taco nachos for dinner and Logan stated:  good choice Con!
–  getting to play with his bestest friend until past bedtime with all his new stuff (his friend moves out-of-state tomorrow and we are all heart-broken around here, so we are letting them play as much as possible).

Eight may be Great!  But I think Nine turned out just FINE!


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