[ #9 ]

Someone is turning 9 in our house TODAY!
Conner is growing up and becoming the best big brother, son and kid I know.
Dave and I were recently discussing how it’s like we have Conner and then 3 little kids.  He’s kind of like an only child in that regard and will certainly have to sacrifice a lot, but so far he doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact one of the things I love most about Conner is that I know I can rely on him to help me, which is so awesome and will be even more awesome once baby comes!  He is {mostly} willing to help out and play with his siblings.  He even figures out fun things for them to do together.
I love how Conner refers to Logan as Loges all the time.  I also love that when he is talking to Loges, he talks on his level and makes his plans sound fun.  Conner will also entertain Loges and his age group of friends by playing with them.  What 9 year old actually wants to play with 4 year olds, I mean really the kid is a champ.
I can tell he’s got a soft spot for his sister.  He is always wanting to hug and kiss her, unfortunately she is a bit stingy in that department.  Just this past weekend at Logan’s Tball game, he came up with games for he and Audra to play together and she loved every minute of it.  One of my favorite Conner/Audra stories took place just a few short months ago.  I think I wasn’t feeling well and had slept in a bit.  When I got up, I noticed that Audra’s bedroom door was open.  This is not typical as I am usually the one to get her out of bed.  As I proceeded down the hall I thought I smelled a messy diaper and heard Audra talking.  I went into her room and there she was laying on her changing table nakey.  A few seconds later Conner appeared.  He told me that he had heard her wake up and knew I probably wanted to keep sleeping, so he went in to get her and knew she was poopy.  He proceeded to change her diaper (and it was an awfully messy one) and then took care of the diaper by taking it to the garbage in the garage.  When I entered the picture he was just on his way back up to reapply a diaper.  I praised him up and down!!!  How lucky am I?

Since he is turning 9 (an odd #), he gets to have a friend party.  Luckily he was on the same wave length as me and decided to keep it small & simple.  He invited 3 friends to go bowling, have pizza and ice cream.  Simple, simple, simple – YAY!!

And of course his birthday celebration lasted 3 days.  Friend party on Saturday.
Family party on Sunday, where we had the birthday cake.  This year Conner requested an ice cream cake.  I really wanted to recreate the Cold Stone variety, but had a few issues along the way.  It all turned out, we had cake layered with ice cream and topped with ganache . . . can’t go wrong.  And there were more presents.  I think he’s set and won’t need anymore today :-)!

And his actual real birthday today!!  Details to come . . .


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